Why read books?

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Many people have a habit of reading books from childhood only. I was no way like that. I read my first book in the 12th Standard. It was a novel based on a true love story. It just hooked me into the reading religion. There were even days when i had finished reading the whole novel in a single day. It was a life transforming for me.

Here, i will do a monologue regarding the benefits of reading books. I promise it will be an interesting on. So, stop yawing and start reading ahead. Best of Luck!


Life is full of shits and it requires a hell lot of motivation to keep going with full efficiency. Start reading one page of a good book daily and you will achieve this with ease. Why?? How can reading help me here??

Actually, reading introduces you to completely new aspects of life which you have never known. This can provide you the feeling of belonging to a bigger system and hence keeping you motivated.


Seriously! I don’t feel the need to write anything under this sub-heading. In the 21st century, there are books on almost every subject. Search your keyword first on google, read free short articles but if you wanna get really DEEPER into the concept, find a related book. Read the reviews, if you think its worth it, click the buy button.

Time Pass

Yeah baby. This is the reason i had read my first book. Actually, that was a kindle E book. I had took a kindle unlimited subscription and read around 25 books in the month of subscription periods. Sounds like a lie, right? Its the Truth. Believe it or not but books can prove as a wonderful time-pass for lonely people.


How can a person get creative by being a book worm? The answer is simple. By reading, your brain works in a positive way. This invokes thought and thoughts invoke creativity. As straightforward as that. In this technology world, we have forgotten the joy of leisure which is providing a punch to creative innovation. So read, create and innovate.


This is the best thing anybody can recover from the price of book. If you really delve into the book and read attentively then you get the gift of writer’s experience being added into yours. Its a big Plus. There are many ways this can happen. Words aren’t enough to describe. Pick up your e-reader and start reading first, then we will talk about it.

Habit that can be told

In job interviews or first day college intros, many people include reading books in their habits section when in reality they have never touched one except those school text books. Even you can their quick test by asking some detailed questions like – Which is the latest trend these days in the fiction?

So, if you really start reading, you get a solid habit, to share with your employers or fellow students. This may sound like a silly explanation for the reasons to read books. But, chill, we will count it anyways.


Honestly, you can never get anything called fulfillment just by reading a book but if you get really immersed into it and live with the protagonist. Then this feeling of fulfillment can be invoked in your mind. So don’t just read, get immersed. Fulfillment will lead you towards a more happier life.

I think these reasons are enough for anybody to start reading books. I suggest you start with a novel and then move on towards self-help or philosophy. Read this for tips to have a calmer life.

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